Exhibition: Under the stairs. Tableau vivant
Class for Fine Arts / Gold and Silversmithing of the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg
Press conference: March 09, 2018, 11:00
Opening: March 09, 2018, 19:00
Location: Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum, Pinakothek der Moderne
Duration: March 10, 2018 – June 07, 2018

Die Neue Sammlung is inviting Prof. Suska Mackert’s “Class for Fine Arts / Gold and Silversmithing” at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg to present works at the Pinakothek der Moderne in 2018.
Since 2008 the exhibition format “Under the stairs” has enabled the early public presentation of the latest creations in the field of jewelry. The project Tableau Vivant of the Nuremberg jewelry class features works by students and alumni. Collective working is a key fundamental characteristic of Suska Mackert’s class. As such, aside from the actual materials the jewelry is ultimately made of we find interwoven into these works “materials” that can be described as patterns of behavior and human expectations.

The exhibition “Tableau Vivant” is curated by Suska Mackert in cooperation with Benjamin Lignel and Nadja Soloviev

Students and alumni:
Sabrina Ackermann
Pauline von Angerer
Rosanna von Angerer
Clemens Brosinsky
Esther Gleuwitz
Ann-Kathrin Hartel
Jörg Hechel
Jonas Till Hoffmann
Kyung Jin Kim
Florian Köbler
Katja Köditz
Layla Naomi Loebel
René Martin
Markus Pollinger
Susanne Schwarz-Janoff
Nadja Soloviev
Sandra Vollbrecht
Stella Wanisch

Press contact:
Dr. Petra Hölscher, Die Neue Sammlung
Phone +49-(0)89-272725-0

These images may be used free of charge for editorial reporting on this exhibition, on condition that the credit is clearly and fully indicated. Download: Move Cursor on your choice and click; start download of High Resolution files with “save as” command.

Exhibition view. Photo: A. Laurenzo

Exhibition view. Photo: A. Laurenzo

Florian Köbler. Necklace „Trophäe“, 2016. Deer head, brass, iron. Photo: Pilar Schacher

Sabrina Ackermann. Necklace „Pal“, 2015. Silicone, pigments, cotton thread. Photo: Sabrina Ackermann

Pauline von Angerer. Ring „Der Finger“, 2015. Beech wood, carved. Photo: Markus Pollingerr

Clemens Brosinsky. Objects „Jawohl!“, 2016. Steel, aluminum. Photo: Clemens Brosinsky

Ann Katrin Hartel. Brooch „Setting“, 2016. PVC foil, steel wire. Photo: Ann Katrin Hartel

Kyung Jin Kim. Brooches „Achte auf mich“, 2017. Tissue paper, wire. Photo: Kyung Jin kim

René Martin. „Yellow, Red, Blue, Green Cup“, 2014. Plastics, hammered. Photo: Johannes Kersting

Markus Pollinger. Vessel, 2016. Copper. Photo: Markus Pollinger

Nadja Soloviev. Necklace „Din A1“, of the series „DinA“, 2016. Linen (bookbinder), aluminum. Photo: Nadja Soloviev

Sandra Vollbrecht. Neklace „HansiFranzi“, 2017. Resin, 3D modeling, stereolithography. Photo: Sandra Vollbrecht

Stella Wanisch. Object/pendant „nude“, 2017. Plastics. Photo: Claudia Holzinger

Susanne Schwarz. Necklace „Pearl“, 2015. Masking-tape, perspex. Photo: Johannes Kersting