Exhibition View. Textile Worlds, Die Neue Sammlung, 2023. Photo: Anna Seibel, Die Neue Sammlung

Exhibition View. Textile Worlds, Die Neue Sammlung, 2023. Photo: Anna Seibel, Die Neue Sammlung

Exhibition View. Textile Worlds, Die Neue Sammlung, 2023. Photo: Anna Seibel, Die Neue Sammlung

Die Neue Sammlung takes a look at a wide variety of textiles spanning some 200 years, most of which are part of the museum’s extensive holdings.

Not only does the exhibition consider the different uses, designs and developments in textiles, it also documents the history of the museum’s textiles collection and the collection’s main focuses.
These are pieces by the Arts and Crafts movement, the Münchner Bund, the Bauhaus or Modernism;
the spectrum ranges further from Panamian Molas, Moroccan carpets, war carpets from Afghanistan and European fabrics since the 1950s through to the present up to textiles characterized by functionalism, anti-design, stylistic pluralism,
and especially visionary positions.

Textiles define human existence. They reflect cultural and social trends and traditions.
They not only paved the way for industrial design but also acted as important inspiration for the development of artistic Modernism.
Today, among other things designers address topics relating to the environment and sustainability as well as innovations in spatial design, in architecture, and other areas of life.

The Textile Worlds exhibition is structured around four topics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives demonstrate the interweaving of the disciplines design, decorative arts, and art. Global Narratives show the reciprocal influence of visual traditions inside and outside of Europe. Textiles and Space features new, three-dimensional structures that may be modular or flexible. And finally, Innovative Developments is essentially an examination of and experimentation with pioneering materials and techniques.

Around 180 textiles dating from the 19th century through to the present cover a wide range of carpets and wall hangings, fabrics, industrial products and one-offs, sample books but also textile experiments and innovations.
Since the four themes overlap, the exhibits are not arranged in any particular order and consequently new formal and thematic associations may arise.

Designer and artist Ayzit Bostan developed the textile fit-out for this exhibition, while the textile lighting system Plusminus was designed by Diez Office.

Movies (Youtube):
Prof. Dr. Angelika Nollert
Introduction to the exhibition
Dr. Xenia Riemann-Tyroller
Topic “Global Narratives”
Dr. Polina Gedova
Topic “Textiles and Space”

Video. Sunkolor


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Prof. Dr. Angelika Nollert, Dr. Xenia Riemann-Tyroller, Dr. Polina Gedova
PIN. Freunde der Pinakothek der Moderne



Exhibition: Textile Worlds
Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich
Duration: July 21, 2023 – October 3, 2023