Susanne Graner trained as a cabinetmaker in Munich from 1992 to 1995. After two years of internship she studied Conservation, Art Technology and Conservation Science at the Technical University in Munich (1997- 2002). The topic of her diploma thesis was the conservation of “The Lemon Room by Bruno Paul in Faber-Castell Castle in Stein near Nuremberg”. Upon completing her degree she worked as a furniture conservator in the Restoration Department of the Bavarian State Conservation Office (2002-2004) and in the Studio for Furniture Conservation at the Bavarian Palace Administration (2004-2005) in Munich. She joined the Conservation Department of Die Neue Sammlung as an object conservator in 2006, specialising in the conservation of early twentieth-century furniture. Since October 2010 she has served as Head of the Collection Department at the Vitra Design Museum.

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