Dieter Rams, Tape Recorder TG 502/504, 1964, Braun AG, Kronberg/Taunus, Germany, Drawing: Carla Nagel

Telephone M00/OB05 of the German Imperial Post Office, from 1900, Siemens & Halske, Berlin, Germany, Drawing: Carla Nagel


The sounds design objects make are often just as characteristic as their design. And so from 21 February 21, 2019 visitors will able to listen to the sounds of various exhibition items from our collection thanks to the web-app “Sound of Designˮ. Using mobile devices or their home computers they will be able to delve into the world of design noises. The Web app itself doesn’t need to be downloaded and can instead simply be opened in your browser at WWW.SOUND-OF-DESIGN.DE. To facilitate use of the app, all the exhibition halls are equipped with BayernWLAN free of charge.


Sounds range from the ringing of old telephone sets to the specific engine sounds of iconic autos to the clicking of typewriter keys. At present, the app includes 49 exhibits from the current show, and there are up to five different sounds for each. Visitors can compile their favorites in a playlist and also download all the sounds free of charge for private use. 

We are adding sounds to our collection so as to integrate this acoustic dimension of our exhibition items into our presentation – above all with a view to the X-D-E-P-O-T from September 2021.

By publishing this archive in our Web-app it will form part of the multimedia experience visitors can enjoy while also infusing life into objects that might otherwise seem remote museum pieces. By way of introducing “Sound of Designˮ we are launching a topical focus on the era of the economic miracle (1950s/1960s), in which new electrical devices and with them diverse sounds entered people’s everyday lives.


The sound of the ‘Economic Miracle’


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