Sunday, July 10,  11:00

Pinakothek der Moderne

Admission free. No registration required


The finissage of the exhibition Schmuck – Jewelry 2012-2022 is a thank you and a tribute to our donors and the foundations that have supported us in the field of modern jewelry for decades – the Benno and Therese Danner’sche Kunstgewerbestiftung and, more recently, the Paul and Katrin Basiner Foundation. Without the generous support of all of you, important artists and their work would not be represented in the jewelry collections of the Neue Sammlung.

The book Schmuck – Jewelry is the first publication on the collections of modern jewelry that is housed in Die Neue Sammlung. It’s sort of a report on the status quo in 2020, but also a look behind the scenes. What visions did the founders have when they decided to collect the so-called author’s jewelry in Munich and to dedicate an exhibition space to it in the Pinakothek der Moderne with the Danner rotunda for the first time worldwide, which – mind you – was not intended at all when construction began.

As our guests on the podium we welcome:
Dr. Markus Eder as the new Executive Chairman of the Danner Foundation, the Stuttgart publisher
Dirk Allgaier from Arnoldsche art publishers, the Munich-based Swiss jewelery artist Otto Künzli and the American jewelery collector, former university lecturer, gallery owner, but above all jewelery lover Helen Williams Drutt English.