Sagsoget. Alloy. Legierung




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Sagsoget. Alloy. Legierung.
Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum

has invited students from a university in Israel. 

The students have created an exhibition. 

The name of the university is: 

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

The name Bezalel is from the Bible. 

The Bible is the holy book of the Christians.

Bezalel is the name of an artisan.

The academy is in Jerusalem. 

Jerusalem is a city in the country Israel. 

The academy’s department is the

Department of Jewelry and Fashion.

The jewelry in the exhibition was made 

by students from Bezalel Academy. 

Former students also participated.

The students have different religions and come 
from different groups of the population. 

In fact, people from many countries live in Israel. 
Many of them have come from Germany.

In the Department of Jewelry and Fashion, 
influences from Europe and the Middle East mix. 
The Middle East is Israel and 

the Arab countries in the Near East. 

This mixture creates interesting contrasts, 

but they fit together well.
The contrasts between different cultures 

can also be seen in the jewelry objects. 

The contrasts are for example:
• Past and present
• Single piece and mass production
• West and East

All the works at Bezalel Academy deal with these contrasts. 

This is what makes this jewelry so special,

and why it is called: Bezalel jewelry.

This is where the different ideas come together und fuse. 

That is why the artists call their jewelry: Alloy. 

Alloy means: fusion. 

In Israel, most people speak Hebrew. 

The Hebrew word for alloy is: Sagsoget. 

This is how the title of the exhibition came about.

Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum was very happy 
to invite the professors and students. 

The place of the exhibition is called: 

Under the Stairs.

The curators of the exhibition are:

Vered Kaminski and Einat Leader. 

A curator oversees an exhibition. 

They are also professors at Bezalel Academy.

These 25 students are showing their jewelry objects: 

Dan Abitbul, Loris Alexis, Vered Anisimov,

Nava Hadar Avnit, Anaelle Attab Azoulay,

Ido Berenstain, Ksenia Bilder, Klil Buchris, 

Avigail Capon, Michal Caspi, Moran Cohen, 

Zohar Fadlon, Adi Farber, Carmel Goldental,

Ahlam Kaysi, Hasan Kurd, Noga Mazover, 

Moriah Levine Pollack, Nour Qaimari Itai Shiftan, 
Fatma Shkirat, Yuval Elazari Volcani, Sofia Zakharova, 
Mai Zarkawi, Yasmin Zehavi and Suzan Zriean.

Die Neue Sammlung

Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich

March 12 – July 30, 2023