Ausstellung: Sagsoget.  Alloy.  Legierung
Ort: Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum, Pinakothek der Moderne, München
Press conference: Friday, 10th March, 2023, 11 a.m
Opening: Saturday, 11th March, 7 p.m
Duration: 12th March – 30th July, 2023

Exhibition from the Department of Jewelry and Fashion, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, invited by Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum at Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich.

‏The exhibition seeks to reflect the spirit ‒ the specific “Sagsoget” (engl. alloy) ‒ of the Bezalel jewelry from recent years, done by students and graduates of the jewelry and fashion department of Bezalel, who came from all over Israel – from different sectors, ethnicities, and religions.
‏The combination of the department’s European roots, mainly German, and its geographical and cultural location in the Middle East, has given rise to a conceptual and creative dialectic, oscillating between opposite yet complementary poles. The featured works surrender a tension between the local and the universal – between function and pure idea – between a one-off handiwork and serial production – between tributes to the past and insistence on the present and the contemporary – between west and east – between work in a bubble and exposure to outside influences. In fact, this dialectic is the essence and core of the Department of Jewelry and Fashion at Bezalel. With great pleasure Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum has invited professors and students of the Bezalel department for jewelry and fashion to be on display at Pinakothek der Moderne as part of the format “Under the stairs“ during SCHMUCK in Munich 2023.

‏Vered Kaminski and Einat Leader 

‏Dan Abitbul, Loris Alexis, Vered Anisimov, Nava Hadar Avnit, Anaelle Attab Azoulay, Ido Berenstain, Ksenia Bilder, Avigail Capon, Michal Caspi, Moran Cohen, Zohar Fadlon, Adi Farber, Carmel Goldental, Hasan Kurd, Noga Mazover, Gaia Or Ner, Moriah Levine Pollack, Nour Qaimari, Ahlam Qaissi, Itai Shiftan, Fatma Shkirat, Yuval Elazari Volcani, Sofia Zakharova, Mai Zarkawi, Yasmin Zehavi, Suzan Zriean.

Dr. Petra Hölscher, Die Neue Sammlung
T +49 (0)89 272725-0

Catalogue: Sagsoget.  Alloy.  Legierung (PDF)


These images may be used free of charge for editorial reporting on this exhibition, on condition that the credit is clearly and fully indicated.

Carmel Goldental. Rings “Holding a memory”, 2016. Silver. Photographer: Liat Elbling

Sofia Zakharova. Earring “Hand with black pearl 2”, 2018. Silver 926, black pearl, glue. Photographer: Liat Elbling

Ahlam Qaissi.Brooch “Black and White”, 2019. Copper, brass, enamel. Photographer: Liat Elbling

Itai Shiftan. Brooch, 2022. Stainless steel, aluminum. Photographer: Liat Elbling

Ido Berenstain. Chain, 2021. Steel. Photographer: Liat Elbling

Fatma Shkirat. Necklace, 2022. Brass, clove. Photographer: Liat Elbling

Avigail Capon. Brooch, 2022. Brass. Photographer: Liat Elbling

Nour Qaimari. Hand jewelry, 2022. Copper, enamel, cotton. Photographer: Liat Elbling

Mai Zarkawi. Face jewelry, 2020. Brass. Photographer: Liat Elbling

Moran Cohen. Necklace “Random Symmetry”, 2014. Copper, enamel, decals. Photographer: Liat Elbling

Yuval Elazari Volcani. “Secularism”, 2020. Steel, leather, waxed textil thread. Photographer: Liat Elbling


Zohar Fadlon. Rings “Metal Rebellion”, 2015. Aluminum. Photographer: Liat Elbling

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem