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The sounds of design objects are often as characteristicas their shape. So what does the dial on a telephone set or the engine of a car sound like? Experience the sound of objects from our exhibition using your own mobile phone or tablet PC by activating the Sound of Design web app.

You will find this symbol on the labels for exhibits that are featured in the app. Simply log into the free of charge Bayern WLAN. Then open your Internet browser and click on “Connect”.
Enter or simply scan the QR code.









Sound of Design

Easy-to-ReaD Audio

Design objects often have a unique shape.

Also, they often create a unique sound.

For example, what does an old telephone sound like?

Or what does the engine of a car sound like? 

Or what does a typewriter sound like?

You can listen to the sounds of objects from our exhibition.

How can you listen to the sounds?
For that you need this app: Sound of Design.
An app is a program for the smartphone or

for the tablet.

You can use a free Internet connection for the app:
Bayern WLAN. 
Bayern WLAN is German and means Bavaria WI-FI.
This is what you need to do:




• On your smartphone or tablet, open the function: Settings.
• There, click on: WI-FI.
• Select: Bayern WLAN.
• Then click on: Connect.


Then type into your browser:

A browser is a program on your smartphone 
with which you can search for something on the Internet.

But you can also scan the QR code.

To scan, you need a QR code reader 
on your phone or tablet. 

A QR code reader is an app.

It can read QR codes 
and then

opens a page on the Internet.

Next to the texts for some objects 
you will find this sign:

This sign means:

In the app there is sound and 
information about this object.