Texts in Easy-to-Read

Easy to Read Audio

We want all visitors to understand

our texts on the walls in the exhibition. 

That is why you will also find the texts 

in Easy-to-read language.

You can read and listen to the texts. 

To do so, scan the QR codes next to the texts.

You can use a free Internet connection: 

Bayern WLAN.

Bayern WLAN is German and means Bavaria WI-FI.
This is what you need to do:
• On your smartphone or tablet, open the function: 
• There, click on: WI-FI.
• Select: Bayern WLAN.
• Then click on: Connect.

To scan, you need a QR code reader

on your phone or tablet.

A QR code reader is an app.

It can read QR codes 

and then opens a page on the Internet.

Next to the texts you will find this sign:



This sign means: The text is Easy-to-Read.