In this exhibition, 

Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum 

presents once again what is new in design.
This time,

the exhibition is about the design 

of these new technological developments:

• A.I. 

   A.I. means artificial intelligence.
  Intelligence means brainpower.
  A.I. wants to imitate human
 with machines.

• Robotics 

   Robotics is a science 

   that deals with developing robots. 

   Robots are machines 

   that can do certain jobs instead of humans.

In this exhibition, 

Sami Haddadin shows how he designed his inventions. 

Sami Haddadin is a German scientist 
and a professor at the Technical University of Munich.

He is famous all over the world 

for his research in the fields of Robotics and A.I.

Robotics and A.I. are big challenges for us today. 
Robotics and A.I. will have a big impact 

on our health, on our way of work

and on how we move around in the future.

The exhibition from Sami Haddadin and his team 
shows how Robotics and A.I. were created, 

how they work today and how they will work in the future.

The exhibition has 4 chapters:
• Chapter 1 shows the history of A.I.: 

   from the first idea to the algorithms that we
   use today. 

   Algorithms are a series of instructions 

   that a computer uses to do a certain task.

• Chapter 2 shows a bad side of A.I. in the future: 

   An A.I. that can watch and know everything.

• Chapter 3 shows robots as machines
   with arms and hands 
that look similar to humans.

• Chapter 4 is the most important part of the 
   In this chapter, 

   robots are connected to each other. 

   People who visit the exhibition in real life or online    can make the robots draw or write something. 

   This way, the visitors create a document together.    The document can show us what our
   society thinks.