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Die Neue Sammlung shows the first exhibit
of Maarten Baas in Germany.
Maarten Baas is a very important designer
of our time.

A designer creates objects for everyday life.

Maarten Baas was born in 1978

in the Netherlands.

He does a lot of different work:
Sometimes his objects are very unusual,
and sometimes they are playful.

With his special work

Maarten Baas has found his place
among designers.

Since 2009 he has been working
on a series about watches.

The series is called: Real Time.

Maarten Baas interprets design

in many different ways.

For example, he wants to
understand watches in a new way.
In his Real Time Series,
he combines various fields:

Film, technology, art, theater and design.

There are 12 films in the exhibit.
Each film lasts 12 hours,

because it is shown in real time.

The films show, for example:

Someone keeps drawing

the hands of a clock.

Or someone keeps wiping away the past minute
and drawing the next minute.

Or someone keeps sweeping forward

the hands of a clock with a broom.

This is to show:

The time that has passed does not come back.

In this work Maarten Baas finds new ways,
how to deal with time.

And he tells us stories about time.