Unfortunately, Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum has to cancel the exhibition and the opening.


The reason for the cancellation is the spread of Coronavirus / Covid-19 and the urgent recommendation made by the Robert-Koch Institute (the German government’s main advisory body on safeguarding public health and monitoring infectious diseases) that large events should be cancelled or at least postponed.




Exhibition: Mindful Mining
Press conference: March 13, 2020, 11:00 a.m.
Opening: March 13, 2020, 07:00 p.m.
Venue: Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich
Duration:  March 14, 2020 – June 14, 2020


The exhibition title is a metaphor for the creation of a world of its own. Designing artistically means discovering something in nature or in the everyday environment that you usually pay little attention to and then give it a new meaning. The young artists at Kookmin University do nothing else. The procedure is similar to that of a miner when looking for precious ores and minerals. The finds become objects, symbols and finally again part of our world of things.
Students from different parts of Korea work in the studio of Kookmin University. In the Department of Metal and Jewelry, they create a – better – their very own world from materials and shapes. They overcome conventional boundaries as they pick up global trends, always underlining their common craft base. They are intelligent and sensitive ’miners’. Their studio resembles a mine with veins, into which they descend with the greatest care and with unexpected, surprising discoveries.


Dubong Kim. Yebin Kim. Junsu Kim. Jihyun Kim.
Suyeon No. Sunyi Shin. Yoosun Shin. Eunkyung An. Jiwon Yang. Ahmi Yu. Kyounghyun Yoon. Yiping Li.   Jaehyun Lee. Hagyeong Im. Jiyoung Jang. Namju Jun. Dasom Jung. Miyoung Chung. Yeonju Jeong.
Jaehee Jeong. Yejin Choi. Jaewook Choi. Hyeyoung Choi. Seoyeong Han. Eunji Han. Seong-hwan Hyun.   Seulgi Hong


Dr. Petra Hölscher, Die Neue Sammlung
T +49 (0)89 272725-0


These images may be used free of charge for editorial reporting on this exhibition, on condition that the credit is clearly and fully indicated.

Ahmi Yu. Brooch “Duck“, 2020. Calfskin, amber, beads, stainless steel

Eunji Han. Brooch “Phenomenon“, 2019. Hanji (traditional Korean paper), cotton, silver

Jaewook Choi. Necklace “Red Tree“, 2020. Plastic bag, silver, magnet

Junsu Kim. Bowl “Slice of Life“, 2019. Leather

Jiyoung Jang. Brooch “Plant_01“, 2020. Porcellain, silver, copper, enamel