Paula Scher – Type is Image

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This is what you see in this exhibition

Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum 
is showing the life’s work of Paula Scher. 

The exhibition is called: Type is Image.

Paula Scher is a famous graphic designer
from America.

Her work is very important for 

many graphic designers of today.

Graphic designers design, for example, 

posters, books or advertisements.

The most important thing in 
Paula Scher’s work is typography.

Typography is the design of letters and characters. 
Paula Scher turns letters and signs into pictures. 
She also creates stories through

the shapes or colors of the letters. 

Often you don’t even have to read the texts. 

You can still understand what her work means. 
Paula Scher collects old and rare fonts. 

And she uses these different fonts in her works.

Die Neue Sammlung shows the first solo exhibition of 
Paula Scher in Germany. 

The exhibition shows important commissioned works, 
for example:
• Advertising for a very famous theatre in New York. 
New York is a big city in America.
• Advertising for a beach near New York.

A storm destroyed it in 2012.

The exhibition also shows free works by Paula Scher.

In them it becomes clear: 

She observes life very closely

and she has a lot of humour.

One of these works is her brochure: 

useless information. 

In this brochure she makes fun of

all the advice that is everywhere.
For 20 years Paula Scher has been working 

especially with maps. 

She paints the maps by hand. 

In the maps the writing is also very important. 

Paula Scher often gives the place names 
a special form. 

Sometimes she arranges the fonts, 

so that they give the
shape of an area or a landscape.

For Paula Scher, maps are more than information 
about an area. 

In the maps she shows her personal impressions and 
her view of the places and landscapes.

Die Neue Sammlung always invites 
important designers of today.

The exhibition Type is Image shows 
the work of Paula Scher. 

This way, visitors can understand her ideas.

EXHIBITION. Paula Scher – Type is Image
June 23, 2023 – Sept. 22, 2024