Kiff Slemmons. “Overruled“, 1996. Box: ebony, silver. Rings: silver, parts of a yard stick. Die Neue Sammlung, Donation from the artist

Kiff Slemmons. Necklace, 2006 (idea), 2012 (made). Hand-made paper from Mexico (Arte Papel Oaxaca). Die Neue Sammlung, donation from American Patrons of the Pinakothek – Rose Roven and Susan Cummins

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Engelhorn Jewelry-Lecture. Kiff Slemmons

With the jewelry artist and designer Kiff Slemmons (born 1944) Die Neue Sammlung has invited to its Sunday matinée a jewelry artist who is renowned worldwide.

Famous Slemmon’s work with materials that are still exceptional today – old, used yardsticks and written down pencils –, her “Hands of Heroes” brooches, with which she honors important personalities from music, art, literature and politics, or her intricately formed paper jewelry that is sometimes highly colorful and other times neutral and was created in collaboration with the artists from Arte Papel Oaxaca in Mexico.

The Engelhorn Jewelry Lecture is dedicated to the memory of Christof and Ursula Engelhorn.


Lecture in English

Free entrance

Pinakothek der Moderne
Ernst von Siemens-Auditorium