Photo: Andreas Heddergott / TU Muenchen

The topics of robotic and artificial intelligence are the current issues that present our society and society with the greatest challenges. In the area of ​​design, too, there are innumerable new tasks in the design of processes and products. Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum has the head of the Munich School of Robtics and Machine Intelligence (MSRM), Prof. Dr. Sami Haddadin, and his team invited to design an exhibition to showcase their developments in the future of health, work and mobility in an era of robotics and artificial intelligence.
An interactive laboratory is planned in which processes of growing artificial intelligence can be experienced by visitors. In addition to making the emergence of artificial intelligence visible, the exhibition also focuses on questions about the associated design forms. With Sami Haddadin, a luminary of robotic and artificial intelligence continues the series for contemporary design positions in the Paternoster Hall, to which Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum has been inviting international protagonists of design every year since 2015.

Pinaktothek der Moderne
December 4, 2020 – September 26, 2021