Since 2010 every year Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum invites a well-known jewelry class to present their work at Pinakothek der Moderne alongside with a doyen of artist jewelry.

After exceptional exhibitions made by the classes of the STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT NEW PALTZ, the ROYAL COLLEGE (London), the ACADEMY OF ARTS, ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN (Prague), ÄDELLAB of the Konstfack (Stockholm), the ACADEMY OF ART (Munich) and the HIKO MIZUNO COLLEGE (Tokyo) the Metal and Jewelry Course of the Oslo National Academy of Arts is invited to be on stage in 2016: Contemporary formulations of studio jewelry will be shown encompassing the body as a narrative arena in which jewelry can – in different ways – open up perspectives that may not always be linked to adornment. This also helps to change perceptions of the bodies that bear them.
The possibility of being able to make a statement with one individual body, to be one’s own gallery, contrasts starkly with the generalizing narratives about body and identities contemporary world is offering to us. The department of metal and jewelry in Oslo examines different ways understanding body and materiality by exploring new ways for communicating jewelry to society.

Pinakothek der Moderne. Munich
Jewelry. The Oslo National Academy of the Arts
February 27, 2016 – June 5, 2016

Exhibition view. Photo: A. Laurenzo