Organizer: Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich
Venue: Die Neue Sammlung, Pinakothek der Moderne, Barer Strasse 40, 80333 Munich
Arguably the most important and largest private collection of East German design has entered one of the world’s leading design museums – and visitors are allowed a glimpse behind the scenes in a move unusually taken by museums up until now.
Thousands of objects from virtually all areas of product and graphic design have been collected by Günter Höhne (born in 1943 in Zwickau), former editor-in-chief of the leading East German design magazine »form+zweck« and prominent expert on East German design, over a period of some 25 years since the end of the German Democratic Republic – technical devices and furniture, textiles and glass, porcelain and packaging, posters and toys…
Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum – acquired the Höhne Collection in 2013 with special funding from the Free State of Bavaria. Not least of all the underlying endorsement given by all Bavarian state museums and the Ministry of Arts highlights the importance of this acquisition. It is also a political avowal to Die Neue Sammlung’s concept of showing East Germany’s design history in such a way, in relation to the museum’s extensive holdings of West German design objects, and of establishing the prerequisites for a comprehensive history of German design, from reconstruction after the war, the »Economic Miracle« and the Cold War, up until the Fall of the Berlin Wall.
The importance of the Höhne Collection and its acquisition led to the museum’s move to open its doors to the public at the inventory stage – and not first in the form of a ‘polished’ exhibition. Visitors can experience things from (almost) the very beginning and gain an insight into the inventory process of museum objects.

Pinakothek der Moderne
In Arbeit. Work in Progress.The Höhne Collection
June 3 – September 21, 2014

Presentation view. Photo: Rainer Schmitzberger