… Love, wealth and sentimentality, humor, wisdom, violence and hope – these are the paradox emotions and things typical of everyday life that Munich-based but Australian born Helen Britton (born 1966) teases out and explores in her jewelry objects. She combines semi-finished products in the jewelry industry and found objects from flea markets with components and structures she makes herself from metal to create something completely new. “I am building in a way a private world that accepts no compromises,” is how Helen Britton herself describes her work.
From the outset, the graduate in fine art in Britton draws the jewelry objects. Parallel, independent analyses of her artistic output arise, morph into pictograms, gaining the status of mnemonic symbols.

Exhibition | Nuremberg | February 07 – April 28, 2013. Extended until June 16 – with new objects!

Talk with the artist in the exhibition: Helen Britton
Nuremberg | 07 March, 2013, 14:00

Exhibition view