Future Talks 021

The seventh international conference FUTURE TALKS 021 focuses on smart and intelligent solutions, both in the development, production and the preservation of modern design and contemporary art.
Traditional industrial products and production processes are increasingly permeated by new, multidisciplinary developments in information technology.

The increasing complexity of materials and technologies used since the beginning of industrialisation, as well as the influence of digital developments since the late 1980s, represent an extremely demanding field of activity with new challenges for conservators. In addition to considering chemical relationships, knowledge of technical developments and digital concepts is the basis for understanding these objects and designing suitable conservation strategies. Here it is more important than ever to develop intelligent conservation concepts that do justice to the object on the one hand and leave the scope for reversible measures as open as possible on the other.

How is our material environment changing, both technologically and functionally, and what impact does this have on elementary decisions in the museum context (collection policy, conservation strategies, restoration methodology …)?

FUTURE TALKS 021 reflects this change in the usual interdisciplinary way and presents itself for the first time as a complete online event.

20 lectures / 12 moderators / 8 keynotes / 6 sessions / 3 days / 1 panel discussion

In addition to 20 lectures on the topic, a panel discussion and the opportunity to discuss specific topics with experts in small specialist groups, or in 1:1 mode, designers and artists will give inspiring insights into their current fields of activity in 8 exciting keynotes in dialogue with the content of the lectures.


Online Conference
November 8, 2021 – November 10, 2021