Delia Müller-Wüsten has been an Associate Conservator at Contemporary Conservation Ltd. since 2012. She specializes in the conservation of artworks made of synthetic materials such as latex and synthetic resins, and has expertise on highly-polished surfaces from artists such as John McCracken, De Wain Valentine, Larry Bell, and Anish Kapoor. She has also worked closely with artists, among them, Alex Katz and Urs Fischer.
She received her Diploma in Conservation in 2011 and her MA in Conservation in 2012 from the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. Her theses dealt with the conservation of kinetic art and investigated the possibilities of joining fractures in plastics.
Delia has lectured and published on the conservation of modern art and furniture and has edited several scientific articles on the conservation of modern materials and contemporary art.
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Delia Müller-Wüsten