Wissensspeicher- Phantastisch Plastisch?
Pinakothek der Moderne, M√ľnchen.
29.08.06 to 07.01.2007

Within the exhibition series Wissensspeicher, the Conservation Department of Die Neue Sammlung presents in room # 9 the studio exhibition Phantastisch plastisch?
Based on two selected examples in furniture design, the possibilities and limits of the conservation of plastic objects are highlighted. The focus of the exhibition is on materials that were characterized by a high degree of flexibility at the time of their production and whose properties have been significantly altered today as a result of physical and chemical influences. Corresponding damage patterns are hardly compatible with the original intention of the designer and are problematic from a conservation point of view. In the context of the studio exhibition, characteristic damage is presented and explained by describing the aging factors that are essential for the materials. Based on these results, conservation measures as well as museum handling of correspondingly aged objects will be discussed.