October 11/13, 2017


“Unless we understand a certain material – metal or resin and plastic – understanding the process that turn it from ore, for example – we can never develop and define form that’s appropriate.“
Jonathan Ive

After an overwhelming response to our last four FUTURE TALKS conferences (2009 – 2015) with almost 900 participants from 25 nations we are eagerly looking forward to our 5th anniversary: The Silver Edition – the FUTURE TALKS 017 conference!

FUTURE TALKS is a groundbreaking platform for interdisciplinary discussions and exchange of experiences in the conservation of modern materials. With the focus on an increasing number of contributions related to technologies and modified analysis techniques, our goal is to improve the decision-making processes in the conservation of modern materials.

FUTURE TALKS helps to raise public awareness to the fact that even serial products are faced with a gradual degradation process of material which can result at worst in a loss of cultural identity and history.
Recent advancement in this field regarding technology, design and production processes of modern materials, new and innovative treatment methods for degrading plastics as well as current research and ongoing projects will be presented. During the three day conference experts from all over the world will share their experiences and knowledge in this field.

The conference will be accompanied by a panel discussion with international renowend experts in the field of conservation of the modern and three design keynote lectures by Efrat Friedmann, Material Scout, John Hamilton, Global Design Director, Coalesse and the Dutch designer Maarten Baas.
Social events and opportunities to visit local conservation studios, research labs, plastic producers and design studios will accompany the conference programme.
The conference and the associated publication will be in English language.

Program 017