Painter and installation artist Martin Kippenberger owned a gold sword studded with diamonds and rubies by her; Munich-based artist Hans-Jörg Mayer wears one of her coral skull pendants with a golden cowboy’s hat; and Austrian artist Heimo Zobernig had her design his wedding rings from the diamond-studded letters “EGALEGAL”. And Gabi Dziuba develops her exhibition concepts together with artists such as Günther Förg and Christian Philipp Müller.
Born 1954 in tranquil Singen am Hohentwiel not far from Lake Constance, like few other jewelry designers Gabi Dziuba has remained in close contact with artists of her generation, the “Neo-Expressionists” and “New Wild Ones” of the 1980s, whose works seek to set themselves apart from the intellectualism of Minimal Art and Concept Art through expressiveness, narrative quality and emotionality, through strong coloring and large formats.
With her narrative qualities and colorfulness but also in her open-minded approach Gabi Dziuba occupies a special position in so-called Autorenschmuck. Her individual designs are influenced by her affinity with contemporary artists, literature and music. Jewelry to her mind always has a function determined by the intrinsic need for it to be wearable.
Today, the jewelry designer Gabi Dziuba lives and works in Berlin.

Neues Museum. Nuremberg
February 5, 2014 – May 4, 2014