Processes. The Making of Design and Modern Art
Materials, Technologies and Conservation Strategies

FUTURE TALKS is a groundbreaking platform for interdisciplinary discussions and exchange of experiences in the conservation of modern materials. With the focus on an increasing number of contributions related to technologies and modified analysis techniques, our goal is to improve the decision-making processes in the conservation of modern materials.

FUTURE TALKS helps to raise public awareness to the fact that even serial products are faced with a gradual degradation process of material which can result at worst in a loss of cultural identity and history.
Recent advancement in this field regarding technology, design and production processes of modern materials, new and innovative treatment methods for degrading plastics as well as current research and ongoing projects will be presented. During the three day conference experts from all over the world will share their experiences and knowledge in this field.

The FUTURE TALKS 015 are focussing on:
The creative design process.
The implementation of an individual idea to three-dimensional models, mock-ups, prototypes and one-off pieces.
The materials, techniques and technologies used.
How do they influence the structural quality, the final appearance?
The skilled specialists / companies included and the concessions which finally lead to the (serial) object.
How has the creative design process changed over time and what were / are / will be the consequences related to its conservation?
The conservator as a consultant for the designer?
The degradation of non-serial materials and its conservation.
The degradation of modern materials and its conservation.
Which role plays the original material in the conservation of models or the like?
Is there a difference between the conservation of drafts, models and final products
Exceptional use of relatively unknown or innovative / advanced materials and how to handle / conserve them?
Innovative documentation techniques.
Practical examples of the conservation of the virtual modern design processes

Program 015