Future Talks 013
October 23/25, 2013

Lectures and Workshops on Technology and Conservation of Modern Materials in Design
After an overwhelming response to our last two FUTURE TALKS conferences 
(FUTURE TALKS 009, FUTURE TALKS 011) we are looking forward to another exciting three-day-congress on international research projects and case studies on active conservation treatments and technology of modern materials in design.
Recent advances in this field, addressing technology, design and production processes of modern materials, new and innovative treatment methods for degrading plastics as well as current research and ongoing projects will be presented. During the three day conference experts from all over the world will share their experiences and knowledge in this field. 
Knowing very well that the conservation of modern materials is not only limited to design objects, a part of the programme is dedicated to conservation projects on modern/contemporary works of art.
In addition to two days of lectures this time one entire day is dedicated to a number of exciting workshops, closely connected to everything you’d always wanted to learn about conservation of modern materials but never dared to ask:
It is with great pleasure that we can already confirm the participation of following experts in these fields. These include amongst others:
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Bonten, 
Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Kunststofftechnik
Prof. Anna Comiotto, Hochschule der Künste Bern
Dr. Virginia Costa, Institut National du Patrimoine, Paris
Dr. Brenda Keneghan, polymer scientist, Victoria & Albert Museum London
Anna Lagana, freelance modern material conservator / researcher, Amsterdam
Dr. Thea van Oosten, formerly senior researcher, research department, 
Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage ICN, Amsterdam
Dr. Yvonne Shashoua, senior researcher, research department, 
National Museum of Denmark
prof. Dr. Phil. Friederike Waentig, Cologne University of Applied Sciences

It is with great pleasure that one of the most famous and innovative German designers Konstantin Grcic will talk about his designs with experts from the plastics industry, plastics engineers and conservators about design and sustainability of plastic furniture.


Program 013