P.H.J.C. (Paul) van Duin was appointed Head of Furniture Conservation at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam in 1989. From 1984-1989 he was employed as a furniture conservator by the British Royal Collection. Before switching to furniture conservation in 1980 he read Psychology at the University of Utrecht. His main expertise is in constructional aspects in the conservation of furniture decorated with marquetry. He is one of the leading members of the multi-disciplinary research project Climate4Wood, funded by the NWO Science4Arts Program, which aims to define a sustainable museum climate for decorated wooden panels, in order to substantially reduce energy consumption for the climatization of museums, without risking damage to the museum objects. Because of his expertise with the conservation of wooden panels he is advisor of the Getty Conservation Institute for the Panel Paintings Initiative as well as the Managing Collection Environment Initiative.
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P.H.J.C. (Paul) van Duin