As Associate Conservator at Contemporary Conservation Ltd., Giuliana focuses on the conservation of objects and paintings in non-traditional materials – including bubble gum, chocolate and plastics – and innovative artistic techniques, such as Inkjet printing, vacuum-formed polystyrene reliefs, and wall-cast latex panels.
Building on her 2013 Master’s thesis on the synthetic polymer Polycaprolactone in Matthew Barney’s corpus, she has presented and published new research in the international forum FutureTalks 013: “Goodyear Field (1996): The versatile synthetic polymer Polycaprolactone used by Matthew Barney.”

She works closely with progressive contemporary artists, among them Wade Guyton, Kelley Walker and Seth Price, on developing strategies for treatment and preservation of their work.

Giuliana graduated from the University of the Arts in Bern Switzerland with a MA in the Conservation of Modern Materials and Media.
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Giuliana Moretto