Lydia Beerkens is senior conservator of modern art at SRAL Maastricht and she has her own conservation studio. Trained as art historian and art conservator she was researcher in the Dutch project, symposium and publication: ‘Modern Art: Who Cares?’ (1995-1999). She was coordinator of the modern art conservation training programme at SRAL (1998 – 2004), lecturer at the Cologne Institute for Conservation Sciences (2004-2006), member of the programme committee of the symposium ‘Contemporary Art: Who Cares?’(2010) and currently board member of SBMK. Beerkens publishes and gives international workshops on modern art conservation. In 2012 the book ‘The Artist Interview’ was published (JapSamBooks) and recently she received her PhD in Arts at the Radboud University Nijmegen.


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Lydia Beerkens